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Breast Feed Your Baby, Simplify Your Life!

Deciding to breast feed your baby is a huge decision. Most moms already know that when they decide to breast-feed their baby, they are making the best nutritional choice for him. Whenever I speak with an expecting mother, who is asking for tips for easy baby care, the first piece of advice I give her is to breast-feed her baby.

Breast Feed

While breastfeeding alone will not simplify your life to the point that you feel like you are sitting in a meadow full of wildflowers, when it comes to the post natal care of a baby, deciding to breast feed will cut out many common difficulties of early motherhood. The breast-fed baby will be given the best formulated milk for him, there will be no bottles and rubber nipples to sterilize in the middle of the night, no expensive formula to buy, less colic and gas, the list goes on and on.

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Benefits to the breastfeeding mother are many as well. The breastfeeding mother reduces her likelihood of breast cancer, many women also find that breastfeeding assists in weight loss post partum.

When a mom breast-feeds her baby, the hormone oxytocin, also known as the love hormone is secreted. This hormone helps you to bond more deeply withe your baby, it also gives you a powerful sense of well-being and relief.

Deciding to breast feed your baby may not always be an easy choice. If you are a mom who is going back to work, the idea of working and pumping can be an especially daunting and scary thought. Thankfully, many workplaces are working to make the environment more suitable for their working and pumping mothers. Hospitals and other facilities are also making breastpump rental more affordable.

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You can go the breastpump rental route, or you can purchase a breastpump. High quality breastpumps are becoming more affordable.


Becoming Comfortable When You Breast Feed

Once you breast feed for several weeks, you will begin to gain confidence. Many women learn to breast-feed so discreetly that no one around them suspects they are feeding their baby. This is when you know that you are an accomplished breastfeeder.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret though, I did not learn to breast feed discreetly until I had my fifth baby. I would always seek out a private spot and pray that the baby would hurry up and eat. With my last baby, I took the time to sit in front of a mirror to breast-feed. This helped me see where I needed to cover, and to give me confidence that I could feed my daughter without flashing the world.

Learning different breast-feeding positions will open up a lot of freedom for you as you nurse your baby as well. Did you know that you can breast feed your baby while laying down? You can even breast-feed her while sleeping once you get the hand of the different laying down breast-feeding positions.

If you need extra help in learning to breast feed, La Leche League is an amazing site.

So remember, when it comes to tips for easy baby care and the easiest post natal care of a baby, breastfeeding is the natural choice.

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