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The Best Cloth Diaper Pail

A Cloth diaper pail created especially with cloth baby diapers in mind? Cloth diapers present unique challenges while waiting to be washed. Stink and moisture need to be contained, tightly! Come read about my own experience with cloth diaper pails, what I like, and what I don’t think is necessary.

When I first began using cloth baby diapers, I barely had two dimes to rub together. I didn’t even have the extra money for an extra trash can from Wal-Mart. I started out by hanging a garbage bag on the nursery doorknob by it’s yellow cinching tie. The tie kept the odor kind of contained, but not really. It worked though, it got us through until we could afford the $10 plastic garbage can from Wal-Mart.

If you are strapped for cash this is one of the best cloth diaper pails you will be able to find, and honestly, most cloth diapering mothers use this type. It is just a regular trash can, made by Rubbermaid with a spring top. The tightly shutting lid does a pretty good job of keeping smells in. Of course, if your diaper laundry has been sitting for more than two days, you ARE going to smell it! But honestly, you probably should be washing those diapers every two days anyway.

Now, onto the different types of diaper pails that are actually made for cloth baby diapers. You will find two types online, the hard pail, which resembles a regular trash can, and the cloth hanging pail.

The hard pail that I like is called the Diaper Dekor Plus. This pail opens with a foot pedal and closes with a rubber seal. You will NOT smell anything coming out of this pail when it is closed. This cloth diaper pail also has a sealing mechanism that keeps odors to a minimum when you are adding a new stinky diaper to the mix. The pail comes with it’s own special disposable liners (aka, trash bags) that fit this specific pail. It will run you about $40, plus shipping. Or, you could get it on Amazon with free shipping.

cloth diaper pail


The second choice in cloth diaper pails is the cloth hanging pail. This “pail” holds up to 30 dirty diapers and has a zippered top to keep the smell inside. It is made from a waterproof fabric (similar to the fabric used for your cloth diaper covers). You will need to have two of these diaper pail because you will be washing the dirty one along with your dirty diapers.

Unless you want to begin employing my garbage bag hanging diaper pail method (trust me, you don’t!!!) then you will need two.

I’m going to be honest here, the zippered hanging bag does not do as good of a job at containing smell. However, it definitely wins on the cuteness factor. The Snuggy Hanging Diaper Pail comes in 12 different fun, fresh prints to choose from. This pail, amazingly enough, is more expensive than the Dekor diaper pail mentioned above. They are about $45 a piece and remember, you need two. That’s more than twice the price of the other diaper pails.

cloth diaper pail


Diaper Pail Accessories

There are two cloth diaper pail accessories that I am going to touch on. Please realize, neither are that important, they are both items that “can” make the whole cloth diapering process more enjoyable.

Cloth pail liners are an accessory that I actually do use myself, and absolutely love. They will cost you about $16.50 each and you throw it in the wash with the diapers, so you will need two. They have an elastic top that grips the outside of your diaper pail which will hold it snuggly in place.

cloth diaper pail

The problem with using a regular plastic trash bag is that it will start to slip down into the pail as it fills up. I really love my cloth diaper pail liners. They generally come in several colors as well. Purple is the standard color around here!

The other accessory that I do NOT use are the scented discs. This problem may just be user error, but I could never figure out how to properly secure these into my cloth diaper pails. The discs are supposed to stay secure in the lid so that when you open it you smell a delightful smell, and not a disgusting, pungent odor that makes you want to pass out. It’s a great theory, but I could never figure it out. Feel free to test it yourself, they are pretty cheap. Let me know if you crack the code!

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